Missoni release a collection that is more Eastern conceptual art than Ready to Wear.  Their technique is littered in transformative reflections and refractions.  Utilising complex degrade stripes, and intarsia patterning in their knitwear of cashmere blends, light wool, and cashmere wools, the collection shouts minimalism and cubist lithographic knit.  Using vivid colours inspired by Japanese natural and industrial landscapes, they play with light and dark to create a diverse layering silhouette in an evocative collage of liquid petrol blue, navy and cobalt with bursts of sango iro coral; black peony, Japanese maple red and camel.
The Pre Fall 2017 collection gambles with your gaze to challenge your concept of the casual.  Although the collection is loose, and ‘untucked,’ the effortless ‘smart’ element is not lost.  These relaxed looks are completed with over-shirts, bombers, classic reversible down jackets, gilets, field jackets, five-pocket jeans, nylon cycling capes and M65 parkas with detachable nylon liners.  The looks are sprinkled with Japanese influence.  Not suggestive enough to be obvious, but entirely and un-apologetically Missoni.
Please take a look at the collection here:
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