Another eery chapter in Jaden Smith‘s music career has come in the form of a new single ‘Fallen’ off his new album project SYRE. And whilst every other blog and news site is complaining about how he’s ruining a perfectly good $30,000 pair of Nike Air Mags (Yes those shoes from Back to the Future), i’m focusing more on the young rapper’s progression in creating a unique identity for himself. The video starts off in a derelict western-style town titled Calabasas 1867 (we’ve yet to know what this means) followed by Jaden bleeding, coughing up blood and ending with him dancing on the side of a cliff (with a not so subtle nod to friend Kid Cudi). Weirdly the song isn’t too bad also featuring the 18-year old rapper’s singing chops on a very catchy hook. What it all means? We don’t know, but i’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

Let’s us know what you think of the video below!


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