Theres nothing more relaxing on a day off than wandering around the iconinc Lamb’s Conduit Street oggling at the wonderous hand crafted goodies littering the beautiful window displays. Lambs Conduit has become a bit of a menswear Mecca with brands like YMC, Universal Works, Folk, and Oliver Spencer to name a few showcasing the best of London’s Menswear all lined up on one street. I dropped by today to check out Grenson’s Bloomsbury store to pick up a pair of Brady’s to officially become part of the Brady Bunch. The iconic hiking style lace up boot that has been hitting hard for the past few seasons had really caught my eye, and I needed to get my hands on a pair.




Images : Galih Richardson

Location : 40 Lamb’s Conduit St, London, WC1N 3LB

You really can’t fault the way that Grenson layout their stores.  There is a formal sophistication that is both unpretentious and elegant.  You can just as easily become enamoured by the store than by the shoes themselves.  Taking a photo of the wooden cabinets and watching the way that the extremely helpful staff treat their product makes for a cinematic dream.  I love low lighting as a photographer.  It’s a challenge that I like to rise to considering photography is basically painting with light.  I feel like sometimes you can say so much more with little paint than you could do with buckets of every colour at your disposal.

I confess on this visit I had my eye on the Burnished Leather Brady’s even before landing at Lambs Conduit, but I had to try as many other options as I could while I was there, checking out their latest bag collection as well as all their wonderful accessories.  I have plans to shoot all of their bags and accessories coming up as an editorial so look out for that next week!


I’m an advocate for unisex clothing, and I feel like we should never limit our fit to what has been specified ‘menswear’ or ‘womenswear.’  Grenson have got me covered in this respect, their biggest women’s size 8 has a more slender ankle but the exact same fit as their menswear boots.  They are my go to when it comes to boots and hi-top shoes.  I can always rely on them to have something that will fit me perfectly.  Try this yourself if you have a problem with having slim ankles that swim in most men’s boots.


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