I’ve always been a fan of high-boots, from hi-top trainers to my recent obsession with lace up hooks.  This is probably due to my tiny ankles, which makes the arrival of these Summer Weight City Blazer Timberland’s the ever more exciting!  They have called to attention our request for a Timberland boot that is both weather resistant and lightweight for warmer climates.  The boots themselves are also ETHICAL!  How often is it that we can say that about large fashion houses.  They have partnered with Thread, a company that uses discarded bottles to produce durable cloths.  Timberland have not only made this one style in partnership with Thread, but have spread the love across their entire 2017 collection.  The boot itself has a sole that is made up of 50% air, an ultra-lightweight injection moulded midsole, that is both flexible and durable.  Still in trademark mustard and fawn, the look of the boot will fit into your collection perfectly.  I’m thinking cotton survivalist workwear w/ some sleek finishings, to style these boots out! Look out for these in Timberland’s Summer 2017 collection soon to be released.  Check links for more info.


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