Temperatures are dropping and winter is creeping up fast, so the search for a new winter coat begins. Although I love layering up pieces and figuring out new ways of styling up for the season, I’m always getting stuck with choices as i’m more of a spring/summer type of guy. That’s until I crossed paths with AlphaTauri.

Now, you wouldn’t be wrong to assume that the Tauri in the brand’s name has something to do with a certain global energy drink brand with this particular creature in it’s name. Yes, AlphaTauri is an offshoot venture from Red Bull! A lot of you might not know that Red Bull has actually been in the apparel business for more than 20 years, but this is project is different. Launched in 2017, AlphaTauri is a new clothing brand that intersects fashion and function. By creating their own textile innovations including invisible technologies exclusive to the brand, AlphaTauri aims to enhance the wellbeing of its wearers as well as of course providing products that range from simple tees and shirts to packable travel parkas.

Something I do really admire Red Bull is their tenacity to try something different and reinvigorating their brand ethos of energising and enriching the body not just from the inside but also from outside. You can see in this new AW18 collection that they’re not implementing a try-and-see-what-sticks approach. The collection is well curated and its product design considered, using luxury materials, minimal  design elements and a muted colour palette whilst still keeping some of it’s sports DNA through subtle branding.

As well as the new AW18 Technical Taurex® Parka, I also chose a few pieces which I felt would compliment my style the best and take me comfortably through the season, keeping me warm, toasty and not having to worry about the elements. Oh and the Taurex® technology also helps reflect energy radiated from your body back to you, giving you the increased comfort and warmth you’d need living in a city like London.

Check out what I wore below.

KOOV V1.Y2.02 – Technical Taurex® Parka

SHAO V1.Y2.01 – Zip-Up College Jacket

WINZ V1.Y2.02 – Flannel Shirt

BARU – Taurex® T-Shirt

AWEE V1.Y2.02 – Waxed Canvas Weekender Bag





check out the full collection now online at:



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