We work ourselves to the bone during the week, in environments that are entirely functional and often don’t have much style to them.  Office blocks with the same tables, the same chairs, and the same orange pair of scissors that everyone seems to have stuffed away in their drawers next to the same blue stapler.  Everything is mass marketed and aesthetically gentrified.

Japan House gives us a taste of the opposite.  The philosophy of Wabi Sabi.  The ‘world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection.’  As humans we are all imperfect and unbalanced, we walk different, talk different and have different tastes.  But it’s that imperfection that keeps us balanced and interesting.  The same goes for everyday household items.  Japan House showcases handmade items ranging from paper cutlery, furniture, coin-purses, and kitchen towels.  All made by hand, and with the makers names and stories by each item to tell us the story of the item, and the process in which it was conceived.  Diffusers use natural twigs, wallets are origami folded leather with no fastenings, and bags are made from waterproof crumpled paper!


Today i’m travelling with illustrator @incaseofbrit who is not only a “shinnichi” Japanophile, but also learning to speak Japanese.  We found it incredible to venture through all the beautiful pieces of craft that they had on sale at Japan House, but knew that the real adventure was still to be had at Akira the Japanese Restaurant located above Japan House in Kensington.

Named after Chef SHIMIZU Akira, the restaurant presents a Japanese dining experience based on Akira’s ‘trinity of cooking’ principles – food, tableware and presentation.  This was ever present when we were served the Lunch Sushi Omakase 3 course menu that we shared between us.  The Fish was fresh and varied.  With the ‘Fatty Tuna’ ticking my highlights and presentation that was stunning and methodical as you would expect in the best of Sushi Restaurants.  Beer is served in handmade high-ball clay cups and the osozai side dishes were authentic and delicious.  Needless to say it topped off the experience perfectly, filling our stomachs as well as our creative inspiration.

BRIT WEARS : Original VQ-2 Air Reconnaissance Jacket in Denim, Cords by Uniqlo, Bag by Camper, Shoes by Doc Martens

GALIH WEARS : Handmade Hat by himself, Work Jacket by Levison’s, Wide Leg white denim by Levi’s, Sweater Uniqlo


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