Testing out Moss Bros

Stretch Suiting in Embankment

Suit – Moss Bros – Moss London Skinny Fit Black & White Sky Check Jacket
Sneakers – Lyle & Scott – Gemmill Trainers Bespoke Canvas
Deck – Flip Skateboards

I’m not skater, but who says you can’t skate in work clothes?  This summer I was invited by Moss Bros to test out their latest Stretch Suiting to see how much we could push the limits of their Summer Suiting.

The suit itself was the Moss London Skinny Fit Black and White Sky Check two piece that gave me that tailored feel without stifling my movement and it was surprisingly cool even though it was one of the hottest days this summer!  Moss Bros interviewed me for their Stretch Suiting editorial featured on their website with the following questions:

Tell us what got you into skateboarding?

Started as a kid, skipping school to go to the skatepark in Kemang in Jakarta, Indonesia when I was 15/16. I got into it ’cause I wanted to impress this one girl Dalia that hung out at the skatepark. And I thought Rodney Mullen was amazing!

What is it you love about it?

Freedom. I was never a good skater, but I liked stairs and vert a lot. I liked to find equilibrium with the board, where the movement was fluid and there was a symbiosis between me and the board.

We think feeling comfortable is a big part of feeling confident – that’s why we’ve reworked our tailoring to have comfort at its core. What helps you feel confident and able to get on with the task at hand?

I feel like when I work for myself, I’m in control of all the variables and the success and failure of the task is down to me. I am most comfortable and confident at these times. However, the workplace is wrought with people riding on your ideas and creativity and that can often be challenging. In a world where everyone has the capability to seem ‘creative’ at their fingertips, you need to stand out. Part of that is going outside of your comfort zone and doing things you’re not used to. Breaking boundaries to gain confidence, never being too comfortable to stop challenging yourself.

Get your Stretch Suit from Moss Bros this Summer for work wear that is ready to take on any challenge, and check out the rest of the editorial here.


Director & Editor – Sam White

Photography – George Hodson

DOP – Sam White

Model – Galih Richardson


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