Over the past year and a half, society has been in a state of disarray with the arrival of COVID and lockdowns being placed for our own safety. But finally things are looking up and the easing of restrictions are now allowing us to adventure again. Freedom! The very thought of not being able to go outside let alone hiking, travelling.etc has given me the urge to explore more, to travel more. And whilst we’re not currently able to fly over to many countries, it’s allowed me to make more regular trips around Snowdonia, which is not far from where i’m currently living.

Most recently, Teva reached out to me to shoot some content out in the wild for their latest ‘In Your Element’ series, highlighting different social ambassadors sharing their stories of what makes them feel in their element. For myself, I never thought of myself as a person who was into nature in general, being a London city boy at heart. But being away from the hustle and bustle for almost 2 years, has given me a new found respect for our environment as well as making sure I do my part in minimising my carbon footprint on the world, as well as highlighting and supporting brands that are changing for the better. And with Teva, most recently they transitioned 100% to using traceable verifiable recycled plastic through REPREVE yarn for their products with 24 million plastic bottles diverted from landfills. It’s moves like this that will leave a sustainable and impactful mark on the world and the massive social landscape we’re living in. It all starts with one step, so it’s our responsibility to make one in the right direction.

To check out the full collection of sandals available, head over to:


(style worn in post is: HURRICANE VERGE in Pineneedle)





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