So it’s been 3 months since the world as we know it closed its doors, and we were told to stay home for the sake of our own mortality.  Not only has it been an extremely challenging time for all of us, but in many ways it has also been a necessary time for us to reflect on our lives.

We have all been given an opportunity to separate the wheat from the chaff, and to leave behind the parts unwanted.  It feels as though we can move forward in a new chapter, carrying less, but saying more.

We now take our meetings digitally, and are more efficient in the way that we work.  We waste less time, and fill our days with a more balanced structure of living to work and not working to live.

“…board meetings which would normally have taken 8 to 9 hours we can suddenly do in 2 to 3…” – John Hollows CEO

We hold in our hands devices that can turn us into instant activists, and lockdown has shown us the power of our influence that we utilise at the swipe of a finger.  In this new chapter still shellshocked and dizzy from the effects of COVID, we must learn to travel with less, to dress smart, and to redefine what we consider to be “essential” workwear.  In doing so, i have partnered up with ETTINGER,  to showcase their solutions to work accessories that are both compact, and productive.  Shedding any bulky, unnecessary surplus, for clean precise design that takes the office with you while you haven’t got one to go to!

When we shed all the unnecessary weight we carry around with us we start to see how much more time and space we have for real life productivity. In a digital age, there is no need to burden yourself with files of paper and cumbersome briefcases. Projects are built and laboured over from the comfort of our own homes, planned and prepared digitally before any physical work even begins.

The new “normal” during COVID has become a more productive way of working without the added stress of public transport, or the distractions of a workplace.  Under the guidelines, we only leave the house when we must, but when we do leave the house we want to travel light, and purposefully.  Ettinger offer this lightweight METROPOLITAN BAKERLOO PORTFOLIO CASE as a lightweight alternative to a briefcase.  It’s slim frame and retractable handles make it the best choice for a new “normal.”  Space enough for the important stuff, and light enough to jog with if you’re late to an appointment!

Guidelines have also increased our awareness of our own hygiene. Wearing a mask is now compulsory when travelling on the tube, and the only choice should be a washable, sustainable mask.  JUGU INDIGO manufacture these lovely masks, all hand dyed and washable indigo cotton.


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