KAPITAL collaborates with CEDELLA MARLEY on Talkin’ Blues Collection

First born daughter of Bob Marley, Cedella Marley (ZION ROOTSWEAR) partners with KIRO Hirata (KAPITAL) to create an iconography collection inspired by Cedella’s familial background in denim incorporating classic Marley motif’s embroidered and patched onto selvedge denim workwear.

Cedella built her own reputation as a musician and designer and continues to grow her fathers philosophy and family roots, whilst KIRO has been preserving her father JAPANESE denim company since 2002 so the two found common ground in bringing their heritage to a new generation.  Their belief in the power of Legacy makes this collection a nod to their past, whilst influencing the future.

The collection includes a 14oz limited edition denim MARLEY Discography Patch Crash Jacket featuring 20 of Bob Marley’s album patches personally selected by Cedella.  The jacket will be one of 200 made which is indicative of the whole collection.  A short run of heritage, honouring the past.

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