COLE HAAN SS18: Manhattan to Maine, Invention and Reinvention

SS18: Manhattan to Maine, Invention and Reinvention


Cole Haan is a brand with roots in Manhattan and Maine, and SS18 showcases a product offering that corresponds with both lifestyles. Transforming the familiar and traditional into the surprising and extraordinary. The elegant collision of craft, style and engineering. The dedicated artisans, hard-driving entrepreneurs and deep believers in a hard day’s work. They are New England craft and Manhattan hustle.

Spring 18 Cole Haan focused on finding the freedom to express yourself, be yourself, and propel yourself to do something Extraordinary. For Cole Haan, it’s about sharing stories of Extraordinary people that provide a dose of inspiration, and insights into how their freedoms helped them make a mark on the world. It’s about lending a sense of elegance and confidence for your every style sense. And it’s about the freedom that feeling great brings to each day’s potential to do something that matters. As an iconic American brand, Cole Haan celebrates our freedoms every day – in everything we create. From free-feeling sandals and lightweight sneakers, to the free-moving performance of our reinvented dress shoes… this season’s product gives the opportunity – the right – to do something Extraordinary.

Because if there’s one freedom you can’t take away, it’s the freedom to be Extraordinary.

The new Selfridges drop fits all these character into this new range by playing around with various different elements and approach. Lightness, technicality and  innovation. Cole Haan SS18 brings an ultra lightness to summer off duty dressing. Injecting Stitchlite craftsmanship with streamlined silhouette giving a smarter fit. It almost feels like a second skin as the material feels like it’s folded to your foot. The lightness of the shoes means, its perfect for summer travel. Its easily packable and can be taken wherever when you’re on the move.  Perhaps this is the freedom of being extraordinary.


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