I’ve been thinking how I could switch it up a bit style-wise, whilst shooting in North Wales. I spend a lot of time in the mountains, but i’m not at the point of buying lots of mountain coats and boots just yet. So when I had an opportunity to work with Moss Bros on a custom-made tailored suit, I took it! I’ve used Moss Bros’ Tailor Me service before, and found it was quite good for the price. With suits starting at £279 with a 21-day lead time, you can’t go wrong. This time round I opted for a nice navy cotton 3-piece in a slim tailored fit. The blazer is a double-breasted style with wider lapels, shortened the sleeves, added patch pockets (which are quite unusual on blazers, but I like it!), and contrasting paisley lining and embroidered monogramming to finish. I usually put my name and a special date or occasion so I’m reminded of the reason I bought the suit. This one was simple, Snowdonia 2020 for a new move away from the city. With the trousers, I didn’t choose the matching slim fit sizing as I like mine looser at the thigh, with a nice break at the bottom. These ones were a size W34 and cinched in at the back to fit my waist and i’ve also cropped them so you can see a bit of sock and shoe. Oh and almost forgot, instead of the usual belt loops, I chose side-adjusters to keep it looking minimalistic. Plus I like to wear t-shirts and rollnecks so this makes it look more clean. I did also add a waistcoat but thought it looked nice without in these images.

All in all, I think it came out pretty well, and fit-wise it was almost perfect. With all the customisations, this suit came out to just under £500.00, and would be an ideal option for anyone looking for something of great quality and speedy delivery for both special occasions or just everyday wear.




to find out how you can design your own Tailor Me suit, head over to:



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