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We’re currently living in a world that is constantly changing, developing and consuming at a rapid rate. And sometimes not in a very good way. This ultimately leads to major long-term consequences. This is quite prevalent in the fashion industry with many brands choosing to produce with conventional cotton and then at the end of the season, they burn all unsold stock, causing major damage to our climate. We have enough pollution damaging us as it is. It’s crazy to think about the lengths brands go to keep their product from hitting the bargain shelves into what they believe are the ‘wrong’ hands. This is all for brand image mind you!

Since 2016, Cheap Monday have been proactive with it’s mission to make their brand more sustainable by replacing the conventionally grown cotton it had been using previously to eco-friendlier materials such as organic and recycled cotton. They’ve even gone as far as to install textile collecting bins in stores where consumers can leave old and unwanted garments, encouraging people to join the cause. It’s these types of initiatives that will drive the fashion industry forward.

Currently Cheap Monday‘s use of eco-friendly materials have been increasing every year since SS17. As it stands now, 100% of their denim offering is sustainable, as well as 88% for menswear and 59% for womenswear. By the time AW18 comes along, the entire menswear and womenswear collections will be labelled sustainable. This is sure to grow even more over the coming years as their ambition to “be the most relevant and sustainable jeanswear brand on the street” is right within sight.

I think it’s great that Cheap Monday are fighting against the norm to make their brand more sustainable and its a plus that its affordable to everyone. Now for me, I feel you don’t have to have extremely expensive clothes on to look good. It’s all in the details and the styling! So I thought the best backdrop to showcase their current SS17 collection would be on the gritty and monochromatic streets of London. So here’s three simple looks that I think would be perfect for the summer ahead.

Shooting on cleaner backgrounds really help to highlight the details and contrasting dark pieces in this collection. My favourite look will have to be the oversized white shirt that goes great with washed black wide-legged jeans. It gives off a more interesting silhouette and not to mention – super comfortable. Pair that with a printed tee and some sandals and you’re virtually ready for a summer festival! If all else fails… do it the John Jarrett way… double denim all the way!

LOOK 1: Legit Recycled Denim JacketBez Crop Recycled Blue Riot Jeans & Standard Tiny Skull Tee by CHEAP MONDAY, Hat by Laird Hatters, Hightops by Y-3

LOOK 2: Fuse Security Logo Shirt, Printed Tee, Unlock Necklace & Bez Black Smoke Jeans by CHEAP MONDAY, Hat by Laird Hatters, Sandals by Dr Martens

LOOK 3: Cytric Sunglasses, Truce Jacket, Striped Tee, Rove Shorts (in black) by CHEAP MONDAY, Hat by Laird Hatters, Trainers by Diadora


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