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It had to be a rainy grey day in London when @incaseofbrit and I decided to test out the latest I and Me ‘Twice As Nice’ collection.  I’ve always been an advocate – and let’s face it – a hoarder – of anything that can skip gender altogether and exist in its own category as a well made, long lasting garment.

I and Me have been on my radar for a long time.  They are a denim and lifestyle brand based in Hackney focusing primarily on fabrication and function using mostly Japanese textiles.  I’m grateful to finally be able to get to work with them to showcase their garments’ effortless transition through gender.

Brit and I are basically the same size, which helps in so many ways when it comes to sharing a wardrobe.  We often find ourselves in half each others outfits so “twice as nice” was twice as appealing for us.  I aspire to the level of detail that I and Me put into their garments.  Their selvedge bucket hat and Painters Pants are a Raw, unwashed 11.75oz natural selvedge denim with textured slub weave meaning they are perfectly off-white and have a slight texture to them and have enough rigidity in them to keep their straight leg shape.  We paired that with their 100% cotton worker chore jacket for a clear mix of textures, colour and hand-feel, which is the key to any “double-denim” action.

I loved shooting the textures of the denim against Brit’s silver rings and home made glasses chain, something about the dark and dingy feel of London and textures of  blue & white denim that make me a little bit giddy when shooting.

As a contrast I like to play with lengths of garments so I’ve chosen to go for some serious indigo with the ladies denim anorak in an unwashed textured raw denim partnered with the matching 100% cotton Worker Pant to Brit’s jacket.

I adore movement in garments, the fall and drape of a jacket is as important as its design.  Mixed in with a roll-neck essential and a large baseball shirt and docker cap by 4649 the outfit is that perfect balance between denim monk and denim sartorial.

It’s best not to over complicate things when playing with denim outfits.  The most simple colour palettes always work best together.  Shades of indigo and blue, black, and off white or tan are sure ways to always pull off a good mix of textures and denim.

I feel like the transition has already happened as the market for more genderless garments grows, and I and Me have always answered that call.  I think the idea of having genderless garments doesn’t have anything to do with not wanting to dress like a boy, or not wanting to dress like a girl, but more about equality in quality and simple details like pocket size!  If you feel like you would like to invest in a wardrobe that doesn’t have a social marker to it, and if you want it all to be denim and indigo then definitely check out the rest of the “twice as nice” collection at : www.i-and-me.com





BRIT’S LOOK: Selvedge Bucket HatWorker chore jacket, Selvedge painters pants,  by I AND ME

GALIH’S LOOK: Denim AnorakWorker pants, by I AND ME

check out the full collection now online and in-store at:



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