(Geometric Print Shirt, Knitwear, Rich Bouclé Coat, Navy Wool Trousers, Socks and Senape Derby Brogues) by Ted Baker

Wide Brim Fedora by Laird Hatters

(Printed Shirt, Coconut Wool Jumper, RICH Wool-Blend Bouclé Coat, Checked Wool Trousers, Socks and Mottaa Derby Brogues)

by Ted Baker

Brown Fedora by Laird Hatters

During a recent trip to Tokyo I had the opportunity to collaborate with Ted Baker on their Autumn/Winter 2017 key pieces. I visited Tokyo for my first time in the Fall of 2016 so was aware of how winter plays out in the Far East; and how to dress for it. Layering up is the key for Autumn/Winter, ever-changing weather means one must be prepared to adapt and change at a moment’s notice.

When warmth and comfort are prioritised our style is often sacrificed but here I show that this does not always have to be the case.

One naturally thinks of a dark colour palette in with Winter and people tend to abuse the blacks and greys in their wardrobe to blend in to cloudy skies and rainy pavements. But as Tokyo gradually welcomes the fall, there’s a sudden change in the appearance of the city. The rich green trees from Summer do not fade into their concrete counterparts but start to light up the city with bright yellows and reds. Just as nature subtly adds some colour to the city we must too add some colour to our utilitarian layers.

The location chosen for the first shoot was in the Chiyoda District, an eclectic area made up of historic buildings, monuments, markets, financial districts and beautiful parks. We headed out in the early hours of the morning to shoot in the side streets, full of closed ramen bars, to evoke the feeling of the district. The parks were a kaleidoscope of rustic yellows and maroons of leaves fallen, falling or still holding on. Here we had found where the city’s greys and blacks picked up their feet to dance with natures bountiful autumnal spectrum; the ideal spot to show how to bring some colour and charm to your cold-weather-wardrobe.

Staying warm is of course key but looking your best should never have to come second.

I chose sartorial pieces to show corporate consumers some ways of adding colour to their wardrobe. The first outerwear picked was a Navy, Cashmere-Blend Coat (DOLSTON). I kept it clean going for an overall Navy, pairing it with a Navy trouser. To give it an edge I layered a bright lightweight orange knitwear top underneath. The geometric pattern printed shirt and socks pull the outfit together against the backdrop of the city. This corporate look gives you comfort and flexibility. The materials are lightweight yet produce as much warmth as the drab winter cardigan. It fits the daily routine but most importantly keeps you warm and free from the cold.

Our next look really came alive in the natural surroundings of Kitanomarukoen Park. The moment you step through the gates to the North of the Imperial Palace you are taken away from the hustle and bustle of the city and our look reflects this more subdued environment.

The second piece of outerwear is a Maroon Rich Herringbone Bouclé Wool-Blend Coat. This smartly tailored single-breasted coat is shower resistant, making it perfect for the temperamental weather conditions that Autumn and Winter always bring. Crafted from a warm wool blend this coat has kept a classic shape with a traditional herringbone bouclé finish and presents a clean, minimalist design. It is slightly heavier than the Navy Cashmere-Blend but sits just as well on the body. Under-layering again with a light knitted jumper gives a relaxed look but here it is with the trouser that I wanted to bring a contrast to the coat. A Brown Checked Wool Trouser and Dark Red Patent Leather Derby Shoes gave an autumnal touch and the addition of leaf-patterned socks brought the perfect charm to reflect the change of season. I introduced a Dark Green Leather Document Bag to accessorise and complete a sophisticated and considered look.

When you are able to achieve your perfect style, you will effortlessly slip into the habit of being comfortably stylish at any time of the year. The turn of the season can be daunting as you need to be able to adapt to changing temperatures and weather conditions but as you get more understanding of shapes, textures and colour it will become easier every time. When all of this is considered, experimenting and testing style ideas becomes endlessly enjoyable. Ted Baker’s AW17 Outerwear collection has a sense of calm. It is tactful and unimposing but just as impressive, containing all the essential pieces; the coat, leather jacket, gilet, pea coat, bomber jacket, etc.

I am looking forward to trying out some different pieces when I am back in the UK, playing around with more styles to get myself ready for the London weather.


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TED BAKER – – @ted_baker @ted_baker_menswear

Written by ESHAN KALI – @eshankali

Shot by JOHN JARRETT – @_johnjarrett

Edited by SAM LOBB


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