John wears Chore Jacket by Samsoe Samsoe, Striped Henley by Realm & Empire, Striped Shirt by GAP, Selvedge Denim by King & Tuckfield, Socks by Kings of Indigo and Mullan Trainers by Ohw? Shoes

Jenna wears Washed denim workwear jacket & Selvedge skinny jeans by GAP, Striped tee by Samsoe Samsoe and Marnie Trainers by Ohw? Shoes

John wears Chore Jacket by Kings of Indigo, Cuban Collar Shirt by Samsoe Samsoe, Vintage Striped Trousers, Trilby by Laird London and Grindal Trainers by Ohw? Shoes

Jenna wears Striped Shirt dress by Topshop, Bracelet by Dyrberg Kern and

Hester Trainers by Ohw? Shoes

Valencia must be one of the most underrated cities in Spain solely on our experience of how quiet it was when we were there. Considering it’s Spain’s third largest city after Madrid and Barcelona, we did not once feel overwhelmed with the usual things; swarms of tourists, packed trains or lack of time to see everything. With it’s streets filled with old gothic style Spanish buildings akin to those in it’s neighbouring cities and roads lined with palm trees, it’s main attraction came in the form of a large area just east of the city center known for it’s modern contemporary architecture.

Valencia’s Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències or City of Arts & Sciences, one of the 12 treasures of Spain should truly be known as a blogger’s dream. Comprising of 7 grand buildings designed by Santiago Calatrava and Felix Candela whose construction started in July 1996 and ending in October 2005 cost almost €1 billion to make; €600 million more than it’s originally predicted budget of €300 million. Although still a controversial topic as to whether it was worth making with a lot of it having wide open unused space, I can most definitely see where the money went creating these behemoth-like structures.

They are a work of art in almost everyone’s standards, each one inspired by nature and most of them accommodating pools of water that surround them that form symmetrical reflections that are best seen on clear sunny days.

Our most favourite, the El Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe, built to resemble the skeleton of a whale stands tall in the middle next to the L’Hemisfèric (that resembles a giant eye when reflecting in the water below) but no one structure trumps the other, as they are all built to capture the essence of nature in different ways. L’Umbracle on the other hand is an open structure featuring a beautiful landscaped walk lined with palm trees and other indigenous Valencian plant species but features various free-standing sculptures by contemporary artists. Some of those even include Yoko Ono, Francesc Abbot and Miguel de Navarre. Every inch of the City of Arts & Sciences is a treasure to behold, with everything serving an aesthetically driven purpose to give it’s visitors a feeling of tranquility through the familiarity of nature.

All this made it the perfect place to showcase Ohw? Shoes latest SS17 collection, now opening out into the women’s footwear market with clean contemporary styles and minimalistic colour palette. We’ve chosen yellow as our colour of choice for this one bringing out the summer feels and pairing with simple casual workwear styling that blends as well as contrasts with the area’s broad white spaces and sharp angled lines.


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