As you know we travelled to Japan for over a month in October. It’s by far one of the best places i’ve ever been personally and I can’t seem to be able to keep quiet about it. Which is why when London-based brand I AND ME approached me about their latest collection; ‘One Thing Well’; inspired and born on an autumn road trip across Japan, I was instantly intrigued.

Driven by limitless form and function throughout Japanese life, the collection features cleverly paired 2 pc outfits in very Japanese silhouettes and/or materials. My favourite of the collection is the wide legged pinstriped trousers with matching baseball tunic in a premium italian merino wool. As part of the release, I AND ME has also collaborated on a small collection of resin vessels with LISTEN STUDIO and a killer hat with milliner Carla Rose. All to elevate the brand’s eagerness to break the mould and to reach new territories and lifestyles not normally explored by new young brands.

We ask Creative Director Jessica Gebhart about the collection and it’s inception:

From it’s inception to I AND ME’s current ‘ONE THING WELL’ collection, can you tell us how the brand came to be and what inspires you?

My background is in denim so that has been a massive influence from day one. I AND ME will always have denim at its roots but casual-wear and jersey always feature prominently. We work on collaborations with local artists on lifestyle and accessories products too.

I find inspiration from all over the place. Most recently, a month-long road trip across Southern Japan inspired the new collection ’ONE THING WELL’. Travelling is a big part of the creative process and we aim to visit the USA and Asia at least once a year.

Why did you start I AND ME? Was it always the plan from the beginning?

I’ve always dreamed of running my own brand, ever since I was a kid, so I guess you could say that it was always part of my plans growing up, interning and learning my craft in bigger brands.

As lovers of all things denim, we’ve always thought that if brands use this fabric that it should always be Japanese selvedge. How important is fabric choice?

Fabric choice is everything. It inspires our very first movements when designing and developing product. The best denim is Japanese in our option and this is why all of our denim is (you guessed it) Japanese Selvedge. Having said that, the Italians do some special denim fabrics too.

What separates I AND ME from other brands? What defines the I AND ME brand?

We aim to keep things simple with all eyes on quality from start-to-finish and stay fully focussed on achieving a level of top, top quality throughout our collections. As we mentioned previous, our primary focus is fabric, followed swiftly by function. We offer high-premium, gender-neutral garments and lifestyle pieces that tie our vision together.

Both you and your husband Thomas have interesting backgrounds, can you tell us if these aspects play a part in the design process?

Thomas is a huge support and influence on the brand. I am quick to ask for advice if I’m unsure on a certain fit, finish, colour or feature and we work closely on many elements of the brand. With Thomas’ career background spanning journalism, music, art and fashion we love all of the same things and this really helps when pulling ideas together.

Tom! Will we be seeing an Ed Scissor x I AND ME collab anytime soon? I’m sure everyone would love to see that.

Tom: Ed Scissor is for the kids, I AND ME is for the people.

What advice would you give someone who is starting or thinking of starting a brand in London (known as both the most expensive place to live on Earth and one of the most competitive in the fashion industry)?

Living in London and running a business from here is hard work. There is plenty of competition and the overheads are expensive but you also get to have one of the best cities in the world at your finger tips. I would say, build trusting relationships with the people who believe in your vision. Gathering a team of like minded, supportive creatives is so so important, you will all reap the success together one day.

In terms of style, what is timeless?

A white T and jeans.

What is a fashion no-no for men?

Flip Flops.

Most stylish city in the world?


Best dressed vs. worst dressed man?

Yung Thug (aka Jeffery) vs. Donald Trump

Do you have a style muse?

Gilda Ambrosio.

What is a wardrobe essential?

Jeans, jeans, jeans.

Is there anything special coming up in the next year?

Yes. A new collection, a really exciting artist collaboration and we’re moving house!

Could you give us an Outlanders exclusive!

We sleep in a denim bed sheets!! Is that going too far…?


I AND ME is a denim and lifestyle brand based in London. Founded on the primary aim of delivering contemporary solutions for both men and women, I AND ME surpasses seasonal trends by developing garments to withstand the test of time. With the key focus on fabrication and function, I AND ME allow our collections to move at their own pace – re-enacting the moment rather than the season.

Styling by John Jarrett

Photography by Jenna Jarrett

Words by John Jarrett


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