Growing up in the 90s my mum pushed all manner of weird styles onto me. Trust me when you’re an asian kid, everyday is a photoshoot opportunity. I’ve had to wear drab tweed suits and sometimes dressed like an aviation pilot, but one thing that was more common was rocking double denim. I don’t know if it was just an 80s throwback but mum always had an affinity with denim. It’s strong and long-lasting and still looks good when you’ve been rolling around in the dirt all afternoon. Doing it double is just double the amount of awesomeness and the one place it was always regularly available was GAP. One thing GAP does do really well is denim but even more so its collection of essentials like the iconic GAP pullover hoodies, logo tees, chinos and loungewear! I guess that was the premise for this editorial shoot; a nod to 90s classics with a heck of a lot of denim! And you guys know I love my denim!

Recently GAP launched their Archive Re-Issue Capsule Collection globally online and in-store, as well as a cool refurbished ‘I AM GAP’ concept store on Long Acre in Covent Garden, London. The concept store will be open for just six weeks, hosting a a series of creative workshops, ‘in conversation’ evenings, art & design partnerships as well as also having a more unique offering of products in the form of original one-off vintage pieces dating back to 1969. Featured in the collection are iconic pieces pulled from the 90s archive including the signature mock neck jersey, pleated khakis, leather harrington jackets and a whole bunch of soft and nostalgic lounge/casual wear. Our favourites include a bleach washed oversized heritage denim jacket, band collar

denim shirt and of course what would go great with denim? a pair of pleated khaki chinos! We thought we’d also play around with contrasting shades of denim this time paired with some cool vintage one-off pieces like Galih’s workwear jacket and Eshan’s super-wide beige chinos. I opted for a more muddled approached wearing 3 different shades of denim with a striped oxford shirt paired with a pair of brown shoes and of course my signature, a nice mid-brim trilby. The Re-Issue collection is truly versatile complimenting my wardrobe of staples by adding in older silhouettes, soft vintage-like materials and not to mention helps me to reminisce of my youth.



What’s your denim stories? We’d be interested to know down below in the comment section! but if you’re looking for a collection of true 90’s classics look no further


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