It’s hard to believe that the upscale neighbourhood of Ginza, having it’s reputation of being one of the most expensive places to shop in Tokyo; was built upon a former swamp in the 16th century. Now in present day, the streets are filled with luxury brand stores and high-rise office buildings crawling with salarymen. One thing that does make Ginza a great place to shop is culture. Amidst the metropolis is also hidden-under-the-bridge ramen joints, izakaya bars, grand shrines and beautiful gardens. Which is why it makes such an interesting place to set up shop.

LOOK 1: John wears Men’s Original Rubberized Raincoat & Original Top Clip Backpack by HUNTER, Gambler Trilby by Laird London, Jeans &  Socks by Uniqlo Japan, Derby Shoes by Base London

LOOK 3: John wears Men’s Original Lightweight Jacket & Rubberized Shoes by HUNTER

Located just a few floors up on street-level from The PARK-ING concept store and the delightful City Bakery based underground at Tokyu Plaza is Hunter’s second global flagship store. Taking it’s design DNA from the first store based in London’s Regent Street, it’s aesthetic very much compliments Japanese tastes in style and design. We visited the store that had just opened a few months ago to check out the latest in Hunter’s glorious new offerings. All of which include reiterations of the classics like the iconic Original Boot, as well as Hunter Field collections and it’s latest and in my opinion greatest; The Core Concept.

Made up of many of Hunter’s most popular weatherproof icons; Core Concept includes raincoats, macs, rubberised leather backpacks and the Original Tall boot built on the original last that was first introduced in 1956. Each piece features unique Hunter details including it’s welded seams, iconic moustache detailing, weatherproof materials and subtle branding, It’s design language is continued throughout the collection breathing new life using classic ideas. The Core Concept is sure to stand the test of time, and having each individual piece in a multitude of colours and materials really makes for a great rainwear collection all year round.

Gear up for the winter guys! It’s gonna be a chilly one.


Photography by @_johnjarrett & @_jennajarrett

Styling by @_johnjarrett

Words by  @_johnjarrett

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