I believe you can never really have enough blue in your wardrobe here’s how you rock it.

As i’m sure many of you know, i love denim..and the colour blue in general. I believe you can never really have enough blue in your wardrobe. But knowing how to mix those blues, those different shades of denim and still keeping it street wear is the main obstacle i think for myself personally. Even adding shades of yellow, pink or red is also a nice alternative making the outfit more interesting to look at. To be honest, there isn’t many rules to wearing denim these days as it’s not just for the working class coal miners but has been adapted to fit almost every style… or lifestyle for that matter. From mixing it up with bright street wear pieces to pairing it with a nice roll neck for smarter occasions; the denim/workwear look will continue to break boundaries. I won’t be surprised if in 20 years people will be wearing denim to bed… Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

Check out the editorial I styled above for some inspiration. And it would be interesting to know how you’d style denim?

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