Touching down in Milan I quickly got that feeling that it was very much like other major European cities like Paris and Barcelona. With it’s unique blend of traditional and modern architecture, hipster-like instagrammable boutique cafes and of course being home to the biggest fashion houses in the world, it’s no surprise why many flock to the city. Some even consider Milan, the fashion capital of Europe… if not, the world. It’s so incredibly busy almost all the time, especially near what may easily be the most beautiful sight in the city; The Cathedral. This is ultimately why we decided to travel to Lake Como.

No offence to Milan but the many multi-coloured houses that light up the horizon along Lake Como reflect more of that traditional Italian architecture and culture that we’re looking for when travelling to Italy. Not to mention, it’s not hard to find amazing food at reasonable prices in any of the little towns that surround the lake. We took the first morning train out from Milano Centrale Station to Varenna and in little under an hour we we’re at the ferry port ready to head to the famous central town of Bellagio where you’re able to see where the lake forks in two rivers. Everything in this town is easy to get to and around every corner you’ll find beautiful coloured streets accented by quirky details, which if you’re going with your significant other is quite romantic, especially during the summer seasons


Considering there are over 20-30 villages and cities that surround Lake Como spread out over an area of 146 square kilometres (56 sq mi), Bellagio may seem like blip on the map. But it’s one of the most famous as it’s situated at the intersection of the three branches of the lake with the best views of the surrounding mountainous areas. If you’d like a 360 view of the lake and surrounding towns from the centre, make sure to hop on the triangular ferry service that operates between them. For food, there is a lot of quaint Italian restaurants serving fresh sea food and Italian classics. Our favourite was a little restaurant tucked away from the shopping street called Antichi Sapori. They make all of their pasta fresh and handmade with truffle oil – perfect for an authentic Carbonara! Or for a more scenic view, head over to Ristorante La Punta (where we took the shots above).

If you want to see more  stacks of coloured houses then Varenna is the place to be. There are a lot of spindly little steep side streets with rustic painted walls and little terraces overlooking the water. But beware; the stores here are quite pricey for snacks so look for a little supermarket away from the main area. We didn’t have enough time to do everything but there is plenty of sights to see and other activities you could experience. Even kayaking across the lake from Varenna.. if you’re into that!


LOOK ONE wearing PUGGLE polo shirt, CLIFORD cotton blazerCLIFTRO cotton trousers, DUUKE leather trainers, Flower print pocket square, JACK cotton socks by TED BAKER

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PRODUCED by We Are Outlanders

PHOTOGRAPHY by John Jarrett & Jenna Jarrett

WORDS by John Jarrett


SHOT in Bellagio, Varenna & Milan, Italy


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