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When a company’s history can date back to 1866, you know that what you are getting from them will be thought out, practiced, perfected, and polished before it even lands on the shop floor. Grenson‘s William Green began making shoes in his loft above a corn merchants in Rushden, Northamptonshire, but did he ever think that his company would be manufacturing some of the best leather good’s accessories and bags 153 years later? Maybe he did! Being the first company to use the Goodyear Welted sole, he must have had the ambition to develop and diversify lasting Dry Goods products from the beginning. It was only after his death that the name William Green & Sons became abbreviated to GRENSON, the company we know and love today.

I’ve managed to cop a Tote Bag and a Backpack from GRENSON to see what the company I love wearing on my feet can do for my daily struggle with organisation, comfort and lugging around a hefty 15′ laptop around and my daily essentials.

On first impressions the overall comfort of this bag is incredible.  With a cross harness linking the two straps, it sits away from your back, so it would be an incredible cycling bag if ever I needed to jump on a bike to get to a meeting.  The canvas is made from weatherproofed British Millerain, and the leather trim is all Bridle leather, so it’s subtle and luxurious but hard wearing.

The bag design takes inspiration from a 1940’s British Commando Bergen Rucksack which arguably manifests my #heritage philosophy.  Products from the past last!  There is a shift thats quite apparent when we look at design over the decades.  The 70’s and especially the boom of the 80’s brought about a throw-away high street fashion that just doesn’t have a place in today’s market.  Taking inspiration from the past and really delving into functionality is what companies like Grenson’s do best.

This also translates to their wallets and card holders, made from hand painted calf leather in bright and bold contrasting colours.  They are a joy to hold and handle and most importantly feel like they would stand the test of time.  Seeing how Grenson have attended to their accessories range, be it bags or wallets or any of their vast range of products, makes me feel a sense of relief.  Not for the fact that they are well made, or beautiful in their own right.  But because there are still companies out there who still want to make products last, and who care enough to take the time to insure their longevity.

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LAYOUT 1: GRENSON Tote Bag Black, GRENSON Card Holder, LANEFORTYFIVE Corduroy overshirt, MOSCOT Lemtosh sunglasses, UNIFORM WARES M40 Chronograph, MARSHALL HEADPHONES Monitor Over Ears.

LOOK 1: 4649 Wool Docker Cap, 4649 Baseball Jersey Genkidama, ARKET Denim Jacket,  GRENSON BackpackGRENSON Gulliver Boots, Jeans TIE OVER Vintage Dior.

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