I’ve recently been road testing these Kleman Padror Mocassin Loafers for a couple weeks.  I wanted to bypass the whole ‘BOX FRESH’ feel of my regular features and really get stuck into how well these shoes hold up to my hectic London life.  I’ll begin by saying that I really haven’t taken them off since I started wearing them, so you can guess that it’s gone pretty well so far.

Kleman (Cleon) were originally manufacturers of Work Shoes for firefighters and the military in France.  They started by making hard wearing, anti slip, anti abrasion shoes that could be worn everyday with focus on longevity rather than ‘fast fashion.‘  It’s become a little obsession of mine to find companies like this.  It’s that regal history of service, later translated into fashion that makes the Padror a fantastic shoe.  One that will stand up to any abuse you can put it through.

The test was 2 weeks, and as you can see a haircut happened within those two weeks, so I apologise for the ‘continuity’ fail.  During that time I’ve been working everyday really putting the shoes through their paces in London to see how they wear and how they hold up as “ex-service” shoes brought into the fashion world.

The shoes from day 1 have been one of the comfiest pair I’ve tested.  The upper body of the shoe conforms to your foot as soon as you slip them on, and their finishings are soft, without any unnecessary cutting or pressure that would lead to irritation further down the line.

The shoes themselves are stunning.  They boast a chunky natural Caoutchouc rubber sole that hasn’t been vulcanised.  There is a kilting around the shoes seams that similar companies don’t use that add another finer detail.  The yellow leather inside the shoe also adds another stunning detail to the Padror’s that make it so easy to shoot.

I wanted to take images in three settings to show the diversity of the shoe.  The shoes indoors, as well as the shoes being worn out and about Farringdon where we like to shoot a lot of our content.  There is something special about the old shop fronts of London that match up to the shoes in their ‘revival.’  I always bang on about HERITAGE and how much hand crafted items of the past need to be re-issued for todays market.  It’s the only way we should shop and buy our items.  Knowing that they will last, avoiding the ‘hype’ of FAST FOOD FASHION .

In these two weeks I have no complaints about the Padror Derby Mocassins. They have worked for me on set, as well as at work, and during my nights out.  The black leathers cleans easily, and the signs of wear are the usual you would see, without any early signs of folding and cracking that cheaper shoes would have.  I’m instantly a fan, worried that I may now only be wearing KLEMAN shoes for the forseeable future.  Thanks to Matthias at Kleman for hooking me up and letting me test out their shoes!  In short follow the links I’ve added here and get yourself a pair as soon as possible.  The price point is also incredibly competitive so I suggest getting involved now!






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