As a stylist I used to cypher through quite a lot of different styling choices. Some better than others of course. No one’s perfect. haha… But when i was at style collective INDIVIDUALISM, i’d got really into the sartorial side of menswear. And it was in this phase that almost all my clients wanted this look. But the challenge for any stylist is how to make it slightly different each time. For me, it was all about comfort and simplicity. That’s what makes a convincing overall image. You don’t want to look uncomfortable and in turn look like you’ve been styled by someone else. So this is what today’s blog is about. How to create a simplistic sartorial look for the summer. And i’ll make it a quick one, as i think photos say more than words in this case.

The summer can get hot, so why torture yourself with button down shirts and silk ties? Why not opt for a simple plain tee with a fitted suit and just accessorise a little. A nice watch, some shades and a necklace can go a long way. But no rope chains or heavy jewellery. You’re not a rapper from the 90’s! finish it off with a pair of monk straps as an alternative to the usual derby or brogue. This style is a bit more casual and bring you from a day at work to a night out with the Mrs.

If you’re more the casual type, then maybe try a slightly wider cut on the trousers to make it more free and airy for the heat, and then match it with a short sleeved henley and workwear shirt. All you need now is a pair of funky printed socks and a pair of canvas sneakers to complete the look. Remember less is more when we’re talking about summer styling, so don’t over-style it or you’ll end up dying of heatstroke!




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