ASAKUSA – A town of tradition and modernity

After over five weeks in Japan, i can firmly say that Asakusa is my favourite district in Tokyo. With it’s perfect blend of the traditional and modern, this part of town has all the quirks that make a great  experience. If you’re looking to be served by a Geisha in an old teahouse or partaking in a sunday feast of street food, then this is the place. Feeling lazy? Why not be wheeled around via rickshaw outside the main Kaminarimon Gate outside Asakusa Metro Station. They’ll even tell you where to eat for the most authentic Japanese culinary experience. We tried some of our best Okonomiyaki (Japanese savoury

pancake made predominantly of shredded cabbage, green onions, octopus and more grilled on a Teppan hotplate.) at Sometaro just west of Kappabashi Kitchen town. And yes i’ve only got a photo of it raw because by the time we cooked it, it was already in my stomach. And if you wanted something small and light, i definitely recommend grabbing some Melon Pan (Sweet bread) from Kagetsudo near the old Yanashiki amusement park. It is the best thing ever, and me and Jenna spent many mornings waiting to grab these fresh out the oven.

Maron Jacket by Parka london, Overshirt by Realm & Empire, Gambler Trilby by Laird London, Jeans by Uniqlo, Derby Shoes by Base London

Alexia Jacket by Parka London, Denim Kuroki Backpack by Eastpak, Trainers by MUJI, Jeans by Topshop

Eli Wool Jacket by Parka London, Trousers by Percival, Trainers by Oliver Sweeney, Trilby by Laird London


Anyways on to the main star of this story; Senso-Ji Temple. Many afternoons we’re spent marvelling at the beauty of this collection of structures based in East Tokyo. It’s most famous for it’s bright red visage and Nakamise-dori; a street filled with the most extensive collection of Japanese delicacies leading up to the main temple area. Almost every main area of Asakusa leads to Senso-Ji Temple through a series of arcades and zigzag streets, that it’d be hard to miss. I almost assure you that you won’t be able to get to it without stopping for food or buying souvenirs.

All these qualities made it the perfect place to shoot our Parka London jackets, having a really nice contrast in colours paired with denim and a mixture of blues and browns. Senso-Ji gets really packed, really quick so we woke up at 6 and strolled over to the main temple to snap these. It was perfect really, despite it being quite warm in the afternoon, mornings can get really cold. Our jackets kept us toasty!

Photography by @_johnjarrett & @_jennajarrett

Styling by @_johnjarrett & @eshankali

Words by @_johnjarrett


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