The recently announced and highly anticipated collaboration between adidas Originals, London sneaker store size? and British Savile Row Tailoring brand Henry Poole had been garnering attention for quite some time now. Many of us wondered how the lifestyle sportswear brand would tackle this challenge, on what scale it would be and if there’d be a big enough customer for such a niche collaboration.

For those of you who don’t know; Henry Poole was the original creator of the Dinner Jacket (or as the Americans call it; The Tuxedo) back in the 1800s boasting a rich heritage in bespoke suit design that had seen them also clothing royalty since 1858 . All these merits would inevitably lead to an interesting collab between the three forward-thinking brands. The two limited-edition sneakers are created using custom made fabrics inspired by Henry Poole’s iconic day and evening suit silhouettes; the NMD R2 in a chalk striped flannel material and a midnight blue for the NMD XR1 to reflect the design of the iconic tuxedo jacket. Subtle details inspired by tailoring will feature throughout it’s construction including Henry Poole’s classic Cundey Weave, used in jacket lining to line the sock of the NMD and custom selvedge at the heel.

The size? x Henry Poole x adidas Originals NMD R2 Day Shoe and NMD XR1 Evening Shoe is scheduled to release this Friday, July 21st and August 4th exclusively at size? at £150.00GBP and comes with a garment bag, all sealed within a limited edition wooden shoebox.

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